This Ultra-Rare Muscle Car Is A Classic That's Being Practically Given Away

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Rarity comes in the form of an AMC Rebel at this auction.

Sometimes it's hard to understand why certain cars go for certain prices. A 1967 Mustang Fastback which was produced over 50,000 times will go for, in some cases over $100,000, while a 1970 AMC Rebel, like this one here, is only going for $55,000. Indeed this contrast is quite vexing, as this particular Rebel is one of two that were made with this setup and color scheme. This Rebel is fitted with a 390 cubic-inch V8 outputting 340 horsepower and has a four-speed gearbox. It's also one of 45 Rebels with A/C.

Why so little money? A mystery for the ages, as one would assume it's because the car just isn't in high demand like a Mustang would be. It's no slouch on the drag strip either, as for its time the Rebel with this 390ci V8 was meant for setting quarter-mile times of 14 seconds. It's fast, a sleeper, and damn cool. So with all this flare and retaining its ability to outrun police from the past, it begs the question of why cars like this are essentially thrown to the wayside for pocket change. Perhaps pro wrestler John Cena will add it to his collection as he already owns one, albeit one that's likely not as rare as this example.

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