This Unassuming Coupe Is One Of The Fastest And Rarest Fords Ever

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No wonder it's expected to sell for so much money.

Before the world was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Ford Focus RS it was drooling over another Ford RS, the RS200. This compact monster was created for the World Rally Championship's Group B which was defined by its ridiculously fast and cars as well as unfortunate and tragic deaths and injuries, both among spectators and drivers. The R200 seen here is one of the 200 road-legal versions made and was actually the last one delivered. Like all good things in the automotive world it is getting auctioned off.

RM Sotheby's has the RS200 slated to appear in its December "Driven By Disruption" auction. This turnkey rally car has a turbocharged inline-four good for 250 horsepower along with some killer four-wheel drive. Its mid-engine setup is also fairly badass and would make you instantly the coolest guy on the street when it comes time for simple maintenance. The inside isn't luxurious by any means but it seems quite cozy for a weekend racer, so there's that. Group B had very lax restrictions and as such the rallying version of the RS200 was boosted up to a reported max power output of 815 horsepower. Just imagine something this tiny with that much power.

The RS200 seen here isn't nearly that fast (or dangerous) but it does have only 1,217 miles on the odometer and looks more or less ready to race. RM Sotheby's estimates this near-mint condition RS200 will auction for between $450,000-$550,000, or a little more than the price of a new Ford GT.

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