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This Unmodified Buick Grand National Is A Seriously Tempting Buy

American Muscle / 13 Comments

At this price you just can’t afford not to.

The Buick Grand National is one of the most highly rated American classic coupes ever built. It may not have had the looks of a Corvette or the handling of a contemporary European sportscar but away from the lights neither would have stood a chance against this blocky beast.

That is of course if you had the right variant. In the first year of production in 1982, the GN came fitted with a naturally aspirated 4.1-liter V6 producing a rather pathetic 125 horsepower. The car listed on Bring-A-Trailer, however, is the far more desirable 1984 version, this car comes equipped with a fuel-injected and turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 that produces a far more respectable 200 hp along with 300 lb-ft of torque.

While subsequent years saw power incrementally increase culminating in the 300-hp Grand National Experimental (GNX) in 1987, these 1984 models remain highly desirable and extremely rare (only 2,000 were built that year). Finding one in an unmodified condition such as this example is rarer still.

Essentially a one owner car, it has done 122,000 miles since new and while it did have a repaint in 2000 due to some accident damage, the car looks to be in excellent condition for its age. It has also had a service recently as well as a new catalytic converter, exhaust system and a rebuilt digital instrument cluster.

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While it is clearly not a mint-condition example, there are some paint blemishes and cracks and the center console plastic is cracked, the overall condition of the vehicle looks to be very good for a 35-year-old car. Hopefully, its new owner will add many more miles to it rather than hide it away waiting for values to go up.

At the time of writing the highest bid is $7,000, an absolute steal for a turbocharged Grand National considering that Hagerty's lists a good condition example to be worth around $23,400. Even if some frenzied last-minute bidding pushes the price to twice that figure it would still make for a great buy. Now get clicking and place your bid before time runs out.