This Unused Dodge Challenger Drag Pak Looks Like A Bargain

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It's number 14 of 50.

The third-generation Dodge Challenger has been with us for well over a decade now, and continues to outsell the competition. Its attractive combination of retro looks and affordable power makes it one of the hottest performance deals on the market, and there are tons of different variants to choose from. At the higher end of the spectrum you'll find the SRT Hellcat, and even more exotic creations such as the Dodge Challenger Demon. The Demon has become a sought after vehicle, and clean examples are selling for over half a million dollars, but there's one Challenger that's even more exclusive, and quicker, and it's listed for sale on Craigslist for a quarter million dollars.

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A few years after the Demon shocked the muscle car community with its brutal power and capability, Dodge decided to build a car exclusively for track use, and came up with the 2021 Challenger Mopar Drag Pak. This machine is the most expensive Dodge Challenger ever made and with good reason: it's fast as hell. These non-VIN, non-street-legal drag racers are ultra-exclusive too: only 50 of them were ever made, and according to the stampings and plaques, this one is car number 14.

Forget what you know about the Tesla Model S or Porsche 911 Turbo S, this Dodge is capable of doing the standing quarter-mile in 7.5 seconds, and if the owner of this example is to be believed, car number 14 has never seen the track, making it a holy grail type of deal.

Craigslist Craigslist Craigslist

The 2021 Challenger Mopar Drag Pak is powered by a bespoke Gen-III Hemi V8 displacing 354 cubic inches with a 3.0-liter blower strapped to its head. Dodge never offered an official power figure, but it is estimated to make over 1,200 horses. This dedicated race car also features a four-link rear suspension with longer control arms and rear swing arms for better squat control. The engine bay also features solid engine mounts, and there are Bilstein coilovers in each corner. Braking is taken care of via a set of Strange Engineering Pro Series II brakes. The interior is a complete shell: all you get are the basics, and this specific example features a Racetech Head Restraint Seat Kit. Since first appearing on Craigslist, the owner has dropped the price to $199,999, which is still a bargain for what will inevitably become a piece of American muscle car history.

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