This Unusual 3D-Printed Honda Could Turn Out To Be A Work Of Genius

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Don't let the looks fool you: It's a pretty clever piece of kit.

As probably expected from a company founded by perhaps one of the auto industry's greatest engineers, Honda is a firm that's always pushed technological boundaries in the motoring world. From its iconic VTEC system and alternative powertrain setups, to really clever and practical solutions like its "Magic Seat" arrangement, Honda has over the years helped change the automotive landscape for the better in both big and subtle ways. No surprise, then, that Honda's at it again with a new 3D printed utility vehicle.


Created in collaboration with Kabuku, a Japanese company that specializes in 3D printing, this new (and currently unnamed) Honda appears to be more a showcase of how 3D printing can be used to streamline vehicle production. We highly doubt Honda would ever think to put something like this into production. For instance, all Kabuku and Honda will say about the powertrain is that it's an electric motor setup, with no further details being disclosed on items like power or range on a single charge. Still, it's perhaps not what's under the bodywork that's important, but more the processes that lead to the car's creation.

The brief for this project, in fact, was incredibly specific: What Honda and Kabuku wanted to build was a small yet practical delivery vehicle that was cheap and could be constructed quickly. Honda and Kabuku claim it only took them two months to design and produce the entire car. Plus, thanks to the 3D printing aspect, it's theoretically possible that additional bodystyles could be quickly produced for this vehicle, thus opening up the potential of offering this unusual little car in many different exterior configurations. Is it wrong that we'd really like to see something along these lines turn up in a Honda showroom at some point in the near future?


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