This Used BMW 1M Costs As Much As New BMW M2 Competition

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Which is the better investment?

The BMW 1M Coupe arrived in 2011 and quickly established itself as one of the very best sports cars around. Borrowing powertrain components from the contemporary 135i as well as M-specific suspension bits from the M3, the result was something amounting to much more than just the sum of its parts.

The 335-horsepower N54 twin-turbo motor gave the compact Bimmer serious performance potential and a limited production run of 6,309 units ensured that demand always outstripped supply. Handling was entertaining and rewarding if you knew what you were doing, sharing much in character with the iconic original M3.

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Used examples often change hands for more than the original sticker price as is the case with this 2011 Metallic Black example currently on offer on Bring-A-Trailer. With a mere 17,000 miles on the clock, it looks factory fresh and, aside from a Dinan Stage 2 ECU upgrade (offering an additional 56 hp and 73 lb-ft of torque) and enhanced audio, is completely stock.

The highest bid at the time of writing stood at $54,500 which is within spitting distance of a brand-new M2 Competition that starts at $58,900. That car is the spiritual successor to the 1M and the Competition updates have elevated it to a level that warrants comparing it with the original.

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The recent upgrade to the existing M3's 3.0-liter twin-turbo powerplant means 402 hp for the M2 Competition and even a tuned 1M will struggle to match its 4.0-second 0-60 mph time. A manual shifter is still on offer in the M2 and detail changes to the suspension have made it even more capable on track too.

The chunky looks of the original have aged well and while it may no longer have the dynamic edge, we would still opt for the original. It delivers more than enough driving thrills and in ten years' time it is the one that will quite likely be worth a great deal more.

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