This Utah-Based Company Just Built An Affordable EV Performance Car


Can't wait for the Tesla Roadster? Here is an affordable electric sports from America.

Around two years ago our lives changed when we got our first ride along in an "auto cycle" called the Vanderhall Laguna. The $75,000 Laguna is a unique vehicle, but it doesn't really justify its massive base price. Vanderhall's second model, the Venice, has a much more reasonable price of under $30,000, which we thought was perfect for a weekend toy. We had the chance to drive the Venice and we believe that it may be one of the most fun experiences under $30,000. But now, Vanderhall has taken its auto cycle and moved to electric power.

It's called the Edison Squared. The name is a tribute to an electric car that was co-developed 100 years ago by Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. The Edison Squared was unveiled at the 2017 Progressive International Motor Cycle Show in Long Beach, California. This is an interesting place to reveal this type of vehicle because a three-wheeler often walks the line between motorcycles and cars. This new model will replace the 1.4-liter turbocharged GM Ecotec engine from the Venice with dual AC motors and a 30 kWh lithium-ion battery. Power will be around the same, 180 hp, but torque will be about 30% more, 240 lb-ft compared to 185 lb-ft.

Not only will the Edison Squared be quicker off the line than the gas-engined model, it will also have instant torque delivery. Vanderhall says that the Edison Squared can hit 60 mph in 4.0 seconds and can exceed 200 miles on a single charge. Deposits are being accepted right now for delivery in Q2 of 2018. The Edison Squared will have a starting price of under $35,000, which will easily make it the most affordable EV on the market that is also (hopefully) fun to drive. The turbo noises were one of our favorite parts of the Venice, so it may be hard to accept the electric drivetrain. Hopefully we will have the chance to drive the Edison Squared soon so we can comment on how the electric drivetrain changes the experience.

Vanderhall Motor Works
Vanderhall Motor Works
Vanderhall Motor Works
Vanderhall Motor Works
Vanderhall Motor Works

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