This V12 Ferrari Limo Is Cheap And Unique

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There's no better way to drive you and several friends to summer car events.

Summer car meet season is upon us, which means many of you are gearing up to haul a bunch of friends to far-off locations to look at quirky sedans in a field somewhere. No vehicle will get you there in as much style as this 1981 Ferrari 400i limousine. On the flip side, a 41-year-old Italian car may not make the most reliable transportation.

Pininfarina designed the original car, and its sleek two-door shape has translated surprisingly well to the stretch limo look. The car was never officially sold in the US, though a few have surfaced over the years. This modified variant lived in a Southern California collection for 11 years before heading to its selling dealer in Missouri late last year. Its odometer shows just 14,899 miles.

MotoExotica via eBay MotoExotica via eBay MotoExotica via eBay MotoExotica via eBay

The limo comes with a numbers-matching 4.8-liter V12 engine that made 310 horsepower when new. It's paired with a three-speed automatic transmission instead of the five-speed manual option. The one-off conversion left the front and rear fascias in place but lengthened the car's wheelbase and added black canvas to the stretched roof.

This car may be more than 40 years old, but its interior shames many other limos for sale online. So many times, the exterior looks great, but the inside looks like rival bachelors' parties had it out after a few rounds of Four Loko. That's not the case here, as the grey leather seats look rip- and stain-free, and the headliner shows no signs of sagging in any of the images.

MotoExotica via eBay MotoExotica via eBay MotoExotica via eBay MotoExotica via eBay

The condition makes this car notable, as it got a careful picking over before going up for sale. The front and rear cabins got fresh upholstery, and the limo got a new drop-down rear-entertainment screen. Restoration efforts included taking the car down to bare metal and repainting, and the seller notes that the work included a re-welding of components installed during the limo conversion.

There are three days left in the auction at the time of this article, and the current bid price has just ticked over the $20,000 mark - precisely what the current seller paid and about a tenth of a price of a new Ferrari Roma. However, the reserve has not yet been met, so there's no telling where the auction will end up or if the highest bidder will pass the reserve.

This limo is relatively internet famous after having been sold late last year. What appears to be the same car on different wheels showed up at The Quail in 2010 and again in a parade in 2014.

MotoExotica via eBay MotoExotica via eBay MotoExotica via eBay MotoExotica via eBay

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