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This V8-Powered 911 Is One Insane Engine Swap

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Awesomesauce or sacrilege? You decide.

The Porsche 911 is already one of the finest performance machines you can buy. So when someone comes along with ideas to tune it further, we sit up and pay attention, though not without our skepticism on alert – especially when the idea is as outlandish as this one. But despite the apparent fantasy that borders on sacrilege, it's reportedly actually being built – in Europe, no less.

This project calls for ditching the usual boxer six in favor of something bigger: a Hemi V8, which typically displaces anywhere between 5.7 and 6.4 liters.

That's roughly twice the size of the 3.0-liter twin-turbo six powering the latest 992-generation Carrera S. Fitting it underneath the same engine lid way at the back of the sports car, then, is practically a non-starter. So the team behind the project is lobbing off the tail and putting the engine up front.

That team is Danton Arts Kustoms – the same French outfit that built that bonkers Lamborghini Espada hot rod – working off outlandish renderings cooked up (for better or worse) by Yasid Design. And as you can see, the modifications don't end at the engine swap.

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Beyond the big V8 protruding from where the frunk would be, the roof's also been replaced by a roll-cage frame. And the aero package would make most any racing car look tame by comparison, with a giant front splitter assembly replacing the front bumper, the even-bigger rear wing and diffuser, side sills extending a good foot or two on either side, and near-slick racing rubber that looks like it could iron bedsheets in one pass.

Work is underway at Danton's garage, but there's clearly still much more to be done. Suffice it to say we'll be watching to see how it shapes up.