This Version Of Gran Turismo Comes With A Real-Life Mazda MX-5

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Unfortunately, it isn't available in the US.

A new racing game called Gran Turismo Sport was just released for the PlayStation 4 console. Gran Turismo has always been the PlayStation equivalent of the Forza Franchise for the Xbox. This latest game will do battle with the recently revealed Forza Motorsport 7. These racing games have been known to offer special editions that give players extra cars and bonuses. For instance, US gamers will be able to purchase a limited-edition version of the game, which comes with a metal box, Group B rally cars, and 1,000,000 credits to start with.

That limited-edition sounds like a nice bonus, but it's nothing compared to the special edition offered in Taiwan. Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled a press release about the Gran Turismo Sport Super Bundle, which is only offered in Taiwain. Not only does this bundle come with the game, it also includes a PS4 Pro, PlayStation VR with two controllers, a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership, a Bravia 4K TV, a Thrustmaster racing wheel controller, and an Apiga AP1 racing seat. In addition to all of these items, this bundle also includes a real-life 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata.

The Super Bundle is not cheap. At current exchange rates this limited-edition version of the game costs around $46,300. Even though this package isn't available outside of Taiwan, you shouldn't be jealous. In the US, it is possible to buy everything in this package for around $32,000. We would guess that the car costs more in a country like Taiwan, which probably explains the price discrepancy. We don't expect too many copies of the Super Bundle to be sold, but it would be cool if the MX-5 from this package turned out to be worth a lot of money some day.

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