This Video Hilariously Proves That Londoners Don't Know Their Supercars

Nope, it’s not a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or a McLaren.

The new Ford GTis an engineering marvel and raises the bar for supercars. It's something that kidswill have on their walls for years to come. It will get people to fall in love with cars! Asyou can tell, we love the new GT. But to the untrained eye, the GT doesn’t looklike a Ford. To see if regular people could identify the make of the GT, Ford Europeparked one in central London and asked the million dollar question: What make is this? Hundreds flocked to the GT for photos but few knew who actually made the car.

Seeing their faceswhen their told it’s a Ford is definitely worth the watch. It just goes to showyou, supercars have the rare ability to take everyone’s breath away.

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