This Video Is Filled With Nothing But Porsche Nurburgring Fails

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Okay, there's a few wins in here as well.

If you don't know by now, the Nurburgring is quite an unforgiving place. Crashes happen all the time, both on open track days and during pro racing events. This video chronicles a series of fails and wins that all have one thing in common: All the cars are Porsches. Some of the Porsches here are competing in the VLN Endurance Championship races and the RCN Circuit Challenge. Oh, and you can bet your ass there are a few tourists in this video who get a bit out of hand and end up smashing their rides on the famous track.

Wrecking your car sucks but almost wrecking it and then saving it at the last moment is an awesome feeling, especially when there are folks in the peanut gallery who clap for your accomplishment. Porsche fans, you may find this to be a rollercoaster of emotions so press play with caution.

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