This Video Proves That Car Springs Are Able To Take An Incredible Beating

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Toyota Corolla spring vs. hydraulic press is a surprisingly fair fight.

The last time we checked in on YouTube's Hydraulic Press Channel we learned just how tough carbon fiber truly is. Now the channel is back with a new video that has auto industry implications. This time a Toyota Corolla's spring-the year of the Corolla isn't mentioned-is being crushed. There's also a Slinky being crushed because why the hell not? Much like in the carbon fiber video the spring is able to hold its own mightily against the hydraulic press. It gets crushed in the end but let's just say it could be worse.

After watching this video, we really want to know how a higher-quality spring would fair against a hydraulic press. Automakers of the world, send these people some of your best parts to torture test. It'll be great advertising!

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