This Video Will Make You Never Want To Become An Uber Driver

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Maybe taxis aren't all that bad.

The ride-sharing giant Uber is well on its way toward world domination. As you're undoubtedly well aware, the service allows anyone with a car and smartphone to become their very own taxi driver. However, just like any job, you're going to have good clients and bad clients; good days and bad days. Well, as this Uber driver found out, some of his clients can be entertaining, to say the least. Ryan (the driver) decided to put together an edited version of some of his more interesting clients and post it on YouTube for the world to enjoy.

From drunk party-goers to a gaggle of "bros" on the way to a wedding, this video has it all. A true Uber experience that makes you feel like this Uber driver extraordinaire. It even has the added thrill of texting while driving. I mean, it's no Bugatti Veyron Uber ride, but it'll do.

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