This Volkswagen Golf GTI Widebody Is Going To Be Wild

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Hardcore design will be made a reality.

Last month, vehicle artist Khyzyl Saleem showcased his vision of what a road-going version of the famous BMW 3.0 CSL IMSA 'Batmobile' could look like. Sadly, it's unlikely to go into production. This insane-looking Volkswagen Golf GTI widebody designed by Saleem, on the other hand, will soon become a reality.

Saleem posted his design of the hardcore hatchback based on the second-generation Golf GTI on social media a few months ago. Now, the artist has confirmed they will be working with Prior Design to bring the design to life.

Khyzyl Saleem / Facebook Khyzyl Saleem / Facebook

"JP & I spoke not so long after I posted those first initial designs and expressed interest in bringing it to life. I honestly couldn't think of anyone more suiting to do it given how crazy his previous builds are," Saleem wrote on Facebook. "Keep an eye out for updates as things progress, it's gonna be rear-engined insanity!!"

If you're unfamiliar with Prior Design, the tuner recently gave the McLaren 720S an extreme makeover, and the resulting widebody conversion looks even wilder than the McLaren 765LT, so we're confident they can pull this off.

Khyzyl Saleem / Facebook Khyzyl Saleem / Facebook Khyzyl Saleem / Facebook

To take the Volkswagen Golf GTI to a new extreme, Saleem has fitted a new front bumper with a low-slung splitter and flared front and rear fenders to make room for some custom wheels and ridiculously wide tires. Other modifications include new side skirts, a massive roof spoiler, and louvers on the rear window. An aftermarket system should also make the Golf GTI growl more aggressively. We also wouldn't be surprised if Prior Design does some tinkering under the hood to give the Golf GTI a substantial power boost to match its wild exterior.

If the finished project looks anything like the concept render, this could be one of the most extreme Volkswagen Golf GTIs ever made.

Khyzyl Saleem / Facebook Khyzyl Saleem / Facebook Khyzyl Saleem / Facebook

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