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This VW Golf Powers Up to 420HP!

B&B engineers make a sweet-looking Golf that definitely doesn’t want to sleep.

With a standard 2.0-liter turbo that milks 300 horsepowerand 380 lb-ft of torque from its four-cylinders, the standard Golf R is hardlyshort on any qualifications for being a very hot hatch. But for German tunerB&B Automobiletechnik, more power is always welcome, and so the company hasreleased a three-stage power-kit to upgrade the 2014 Golf VII R. Stage 1 takesthe car to a staggering 360hp and 332 lb-ft of torque through electronicinjection remapping and charging air pressure increases.

Stage 2 reduces thermal loads and adds a bigger intermediateexhaust pipe with sports catalyzer, bringing the Golf up to 385hp and 354lb-ft. Stage 3, making 420hp and 391 lb-ft, adds a bespoke turbocharger andsports exhaust system on top of a modified air-suction system. No numbers areavailable for Stage 3 yet, but the Stage 2 B&B Golf R is said to make the0-62mph sprint in 4.5 seconds, down from the stock R's 5.1 seconds.

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