This Weapon Of A Porsche 911 Is Absolutely, Brutally Wonderful

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It's a serious bit of kit.

There are modified Porsche 911s that aren't the most tastefully done. Quite frankly, they can be outright tacky. Rear spoilers that are simply too large, strange-looking wide-body kits…you name it. But then there are a few modified 911s that are, quite simply, marvelous. And this is one of them. Owned by Evo Magazine founder, Harry Metcalfe, this GT2-inspired 911 began life as a 993 911 Turbo. A German mod shop, whose name is supposedly unpronounceable by the English-speaking tongue, did the work a few years back.

Though it may look like a GT2, the car still has its all-wheel-drive system. Again, not necessarily a bad thing but it was actually a good buy because it's no longer all original. Speaking of which, Harry traded in his impeccable 930 Turbo for this. Was that a good move? The deal did after all score him some extra bank to put towards further "GT2" mods.

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