This Well Used 1965 Ford Shelby GT350R Factory Racer Could Fetch A Million In Auction

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Wouldn't be the first time one has.

The car you are looking at is part of the first very first run of Ford factory racing Mustangs ever. Indeed, this was the original aim of Ford's partnership with Shelby, to create Mustangs that were track ready and conformed to SCCA rules. Road cars were originally intended just for homologation purposes, until Ford realized that the cars would be quite popular. But that would all come later, when this car was first built in 1965, it was intended purely for the track.

The car has nothing in the way of creature comforts, there aren't even windows in the doors, as a rather extreme weight saving measure. The car was first bought by Texan Bill Steele and driven by Pedro Rodriguez. In its very first race, the car beat out Ford's own factory prototype, driven by Jerry Titus. Rodriguez hailed from Mexico, but it was actually the car's second owner who gave it the Mexican flag livery, which it still wears, along with Rodriguez's name. The car has raced extensively throughout its life, and was auctioned off for $748,000 in 2006. The value of these cars continues to go up, and when it is auctioned again in May, could hit a million.

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