This Widebody Porsche Cayman 987 Is Wild

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As we've come to expect from the designers of Rocket Bunny kits.

Pandem is no stranger to the world of extreme body styling and has delivered some wild creations, including a widebody C8 Corvette and Toyota 86. Now the body styling company, famous for its extreme race-style designs, has come up with a widebody kit for the Porsche Cayman. The Cayman is a good-looking car from the factory and has the perfect dimensions for a small two-door sports car, but some will always want a little bit extra, and that's where Pandem steps in.

The car pictured is at the receiving end of a full widebody kit, custom paint job, and numerous other small details to make it look more like a sci-fi speedster than run of the mill Porsche.

Forgestar Forgestar Forgestar Forgestar

This Porsche has been sprayed in a fantastic Battleship Gray and comes fitted with a new front bumper and lip, grille, front fenders, side skirts, canard, and rear bumper for a totally transformed look. The rear also features a prominent ducktail spoiler, and a GT-style wing is also on offer. The end result is totally over the top, but that is exactly what customers of Pandem have come to expect.

One of the most important aspects of this build is the wheels, and here the owner has gone with a set of Forgestar M14 modular forged deep-dish units. These lightweight wheels feature an ultra-deep dish with a step lip in the front and rear and are finished off in brushed double tint.

Forgestar Forgestar Forgestar Forgestar

The car in question has been fitted with an air ride suspension which explains the slammed look. This must be an absolute nightmare to live with if it was a static setup, but it manages to complement the rest of the body styling. The Porsche Cayman hiding beneath all this plastic is a 987 generation car which was produced between 2004 and 2012 and is the first generation to bear the Cayman name. If you're not afraid of standing out in a crowd, and you think the standard styling of your 987 Cayman is a letdown, then this is the kit for you. Pandem asks $3,940 for the entire package, excluding the GT-style wing.

Forgestar Forgestar Forgestar Forgestar

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