This Wild BMW i8 Is Worthy Of Batman

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The Dark Knight Edition BMW i8 has a funny side.

The BMW i8 remains one of the best-looking cars on the market. The coupe is set to receive a facelift and we're expecting to see the Spyder variant imminently. Ever since its debut, tuning houses across the globe have attempted to give the hybrid sports car so-called "upgrades." Just this week, AC Schnitzer served up an impressive carbon-fiber body kit for the German beauty and now it's the turn of Japanese firm Energy Motor Sport to provide i8 owners with alternative options.

If you're going to call an aftermarket project the 'Dark Knight Edition,' you better be able to back that up with something worthy of the caped crusader. The comic hero drives an Aventador by day and a Tumbler by night, and the Japanese tuner thinks its latest creation would also sit nicely in Bruce Wayne's collection. With a tailor-made front bumper kit, rear wing, restyled fenders complete with air ducts, and mirror covers, buyers have the choice to get everything in carbon fiber or stick to the Standard Edition. A custom exhaust, a mean set of 21-inch alloy wheels and a red leather interior round out the modifications.

This particular example has also received some subtle hints to the Dark Knight with playing cards decal on the hood scoop, and stickers on the doors and rear panels reading "HA HA HA." Perhaps it should have been called "The Joker?" Either way, the result is seriously cool.

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