This Wild Mazda RX-7 Is Coming To Life

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The world of virtual tuning comes alive.

The world of automotive design is a fascinating place with loads of weird and wonderful machines that have wide-ranging effects on us. Some cars make us reel in horror, while others are so exquisite that we consider denying our kin a college education so that we can revel in their beauty. But what if you already own your dream car? What if that has become stale and bland? What if you wanted to bring all the design cues of your favorite racers and aftermarket kits into one car? Mixing too many ideas is rarely a good idea, but when you're concept artist Khyzyl Saleem, you can tweak your ideas until they look like your ultimate fantasy. That's what Saleem, known as The Kyza, has done with his first love, and the final render will now be coming to life.

the_kyza/Instagram the_kyza/Instagram

The news came via The Kyza's Instagram and Facebook pages, where he announced his very own design for a Mazda RX-7 body kit. The FD3S is one of the most elegant shapes out there, but for someone accustomed to creating crazy cars on his computer, the RX-7 just isn't aggressive enough. To that end, Saleem has widened both the front and rear fenders, added additional vents and scoops, and included a carbon fiber splitter, side skirt extensions, diffuser, and more. The design is yet to be fully resolved and will be supplemented by a "unique rear spoiler design" that may be joined by custom taillights and wheels, but one way or another, the kit is going to be produced.

the_kyza/Instagram the_kyza/Instagram the_kyza/Instagram

Pricing has not yet been announced, but 25 and only 25 examples of the kit will be made, with the option of full carbon fiber construction. Saleem adds that more variations on this design will be coming soon, "as there's quite a lot that can be done depending on your style." The kit will be sold under the Live To Offend brand Saleem started a while back and will join extreme real-life versions of a rear-engine Volkswagen Golf and even a rotary-powered BMW M4. Sure, this kit may not be to your taste, but it's definitely better than the plethora of tacked-on kits you get for the Toyota GR86.

Khyzyl Saleem / Facebook Khyzyl Saleem / Instagram Khyzyl Saleem Khyzyl Saleem

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