This Will Be Maserati's First Hybrid Model

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It's not the model we expected.

Despite spending the past couple of years on the back foot, the Maserati brand is about to have a renaissance. For example, its longstanding Gran Turismo model has finally reached the end of its life cycle and is set to be replaced with an all-new, all-electric vehicle. We aren't sure if this Gran Turismo replacement will be the next new model we see from Maserati, but we know the Italian automaker has many reveals planned before 2022. Among the new Maserati models, the company will reveal hybrids, plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), and EVs.

There wasn't any news on when the first hybrid or PHEV Maserati models would arrive, but according to Automotive News Europe, the first one will arrive sooner than we expected. Specifically, ANE says a hybrid version of the Maserati Ghibli will be revealed on April 21 at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show.

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This is the first concrete news we've had regarding the reveal of an electrified Maserati model. ANE cites a "source familiar with Maserati's plans," but does not specify if the hybrid and PHEV will be revealed simultaneously or separately. The source also gives no details about Maserati's hybrid system, so we still have no insight into what engine the company's electrified models will use.

Maserati's most recent business plan includes 10 new or updated models between now and 2023, so new versions of the Levante and Quattroporte should be in the works as well. We are surprised to hear that the Ghibli will be the first Maserati to be electrified, given the worldwide popularity of SUVs.

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Maserati is expected to reveal the yet-to-be-named Ghibli hybrid first, followed by a new SUV later in 2020. New versions of the GranTurismo and GranCabrio, which will be electric-only, should also be revealed at some point later this year. For the first time since the Ghibli and Levante were revealed, there is huge hype surrounding the Maserati brand and we can't wait to see the company's new models.

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Source Credits: Automotive News Europe

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