This Will Be The Best Mitsubishi Money Can Buy

Tuner teases 500-hp Mitsubishi Evo X Spec Blew Edition.

The time that you have left to buy a non-hybrid Mitsubishi Evo is running out, and therefore so is the time you have left to buy a truly awesome tuned version of the car. The folks at 311RS have been building a pretty fantastic example of the Evo X since 2013 (the white car in the photos), but now a new version of the car has been teased, known as the Spec Blew. This one is making 500 horsepower at the wheels, and has also been lightened thanks to copious amounts of carbon fiber.

The car has also been given JRZ suspension and RAYS wheels, as well as a new Alcantara dash. The price for all of this upgrading is $54,999, although anyone who already has a previous version of a 311RS Evo X can simply upgrade for a greatly reduced price. The car will be revealed in full at the Minneapolis Cars & Coffee event (311RS is based in Minneapolis, otherwise this would be weird) on April 4. Until then, we have the teasers you see here, which certainly look promising.

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