This Will Be The Most Insane Looking Huracan On The Road

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The Italian supercar looks even more brutal.

Lamborghini's baby supercar-the Huracan LP610-4-is one incredible vehicle with its 5.2-liter V10 that produces 602 hp and angular design. The supercar has an aggressive look that makes it look like nothing else on the market. While the majority of enthusiasts would be more than happy with a stock Huracan, RevoZport decided to give the supercar more menace and power. The tuning company gave the supercar a host of exterior mods and more performance, but it's not what we'd call cheap.

Thanks to RevoZport, the Huracan gets outfitted with a front splitter, fender vent, canards, side skirts, GT spoiler and your choice of either a simple rear diffuser or one with an active panel tech. Underneath the hood, the Huracan's V10 gets an additional 90 hp thanks to an updated intake system, a revised ECU and Formula One-grade Inconel exhaust. With a lighter exhaust system and carbon-fiber exterior parts, the Huracan loses 220 lbs. Performance specifications haven't been released for the supercar yet, but are sure to be better than stock. The exterior modifications alone cost roughly $17,000, while pricing for the performance parts haven't been released yet. But it's worth it because this may be the most insane looking Huracan on the road.

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