This Will Be The Next Great Ferrari

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And they will all sell out immediately.

Italian gearhead and engineering student Marco Renna, has just presented this stunning vision of a high-performance, track-focused variant of the Ferrari 488 GTB. Dubbed the Ferrari 488 GTO, this is what the Speciale is to the 458. Unique features include new aerodynamics, including a bigger diffuser and spoiler, a newly designed rear grille, new black-finished alloys with reclined brakes to lower the center of gravity during the braking phase, and a totally new Formula 1-inspired front end.

Under the hood, imagine if you will a modified engine delivering 703 hp, and consider the performance of the car given it weighs 90 kg less than the GTB thanks to new carbon-fiber elements. The 488 Spider will debut in Frankfurt next week, but the next great Ferrari is going to be the 488 GTO, and this is what it might look like.

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