This Wire McLaren P1 Is The Next Coolest Thing To Owning One


Even if you hate art, you will dig this.

Believe it or not, cars and art go hand in hand. Exotic cars especially are known to have designs that have been perfected down to the last millimeter in order to create the most smooth, aggressive or striking body shell. Another major commonality is price: garbage art and cars can cost next to nothing, but for a true masterpiece, you will need to pay millions. This close relationship between the two has resulted in several examples of car art-the latest example of this is a life size McLaren P1 made entirely of colored wires.

This is one of the most complex car art projects ever created. The dimensions are shockingly close to the real thing, and every detail from the swooshing headlights to the windshield wiper has been replicated. Unfortunately there isn't a working twin turbo V8 inside, but we would still be happy to own this magnificent sculpture. There isn't a price tag on this-we don't even know if it's for sale. Either way, this creation must have taken hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to produce. Do you think it is badass or weird? Let us know in the comments below.

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