This Woman Flips After Winning An Aston Martin On 'The Price Is Right'

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To be fair we'd go nuts as well.

Gearheads take special interest in "The Price Is Right" for one week only. What week is that, you ask? It's "Dream Car Week," where the show gives away kickass cars instead of boring econo boxes. Unlike other game shows the challenges on "The Price Is Right" are notoriously easy to win. Seriously, this woman barely did anything and she got herself a new Aston Martin V8 Vantage. It's awesome to watch her freak out on stage as confetti flies everywhere. Unfortunately, it looks like she won't keep the car for too long.

The winner is named Francesca, and according to comments on this video from the YouTube account "Francesca RestyleRestoreRejoice" she plans to sell it as she doesn't drive stick! Oh, and it might cost a ton in taxes and insurance. Regardless of the account's validity we think this car will get sold. Hopefully she takes it for a few laps first!

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