Quarter Mile

This Woman Owns The World's Fastest Charger Hellcat

Score one for girls who love the quarter-mile!

This is the world’s fastest Charger Hellcat, or so that’s how YouTuber BigKleib34 describes it. The Challenger Hellcat gets a lot of publicity because it has two doors and looks like a badass which means people often forget about Dodge’s equally insane four-door offering. Well, the woman in this video didn’t do that. That’s right, this Charger puts down a 10.67 quarter-mile with a lovely lady behind the wheel. Of course the super sedan isn’t exactly stock. The ECU has been played with and a new supercharger pulley has been installed.

On racing fuel, which is what the Hellcat used in this video, power checks in at a blistering 757 horsepower. See it in action in the video below.

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