This Woman's Reaction To An Aftermarket Ferrari F12 Exhaust Is Priceless

She's saying what we're all thinking.

There’s a time and a place for everything, brutal exhaust notes included. That time and place is not midday on a public street. Unfortunately, the guys in this video didn’t get the memo. They were so taken by their buddy’s Ferrari F12—complete with aftermarket exhaust—that they had him kick out some revs. We aren’t going to lie: The sound is sweet. Still, a passerby asks the question that’s on everybody’s mind. "Why are you making him do that?"

The bros answer to the best of their ability, which isn’t very well. While exhaust notes are indeed sick not everyone is a car person. Luckily Car Melons weren’t in London or they would have faced a possible fine for their sweet, sweet exhaust notes.

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