This Working Star Wars Speeder Bike Is The Coolest Motorcycle Ever Made

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We really want to ride this.

So it turns out that the Star Wars franchise is kind of a big deal. Who knew? Well, for one super fan watching the movies simply wasn't enough. This fan commissioned a custom-built speeder bike as seen in the 1983 classic "Return of the Jedi." The entire thing was built by a bike a shop called Vintage Works based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. According to Vintage Works, the speeder bike was built using a combination of CNC machined aluminum and hand-formed aluminum body panels.

The custom creation reportedly tops out at around 70 mph and features hub-less wheels that are designed to give it the effect of gliding along the pavement. A 400-watt sound system has been installed to make the speeder sound as realistic as possible. Photos by from the Vintage Works Facebook.

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