This Yellowjacket-Infested Chevy Malibu Will Freak You Out

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These guys are not exactly right in the head.

This old Chevrolet Malibu is definitely not for sale. In fact, human beings (and all other mammals) must stay far away from it unless they're wearing the necessary protective clothing. Otherwise, well, it won't end well. The reason being is that it's been completely taken over by southern yellowjackets and even an individual sting can be deadly. Imagine what a few thousand stings will do. It's kind of horrific to even think about.

But these two guys, who are clearly professionals, are fearless. Obviously, they're each wearing proper protective gear, but they decided to disrupt the Chevy Malibu nest and hop inside like it was no big deal.

Stinger Creations
Stinger Creations
Stinger Creations

And what we see inside is even more startling than the outside. A huge chunk of the dashboard, center console, and seats have all become part of the hive. The "driver" is ignored by the yellowjackets who seem more interested in the guy with the GoPro. Turns out the owner of the Malibu had a feeling his parked car had become infested with honey bees, but they turned out to be yellowjackets.

The owner reached out to Stinger Creations, who took and uploaded this video, to remove the honey beehive. Only when these came out to do the task was the yellowjacket reality discovered. So, how does one actually get rid of a yellowjacket hive?

Stinger Creations via YouTube
Stinger Creations via YouTube
Stinger Creations

Well, for starters, don't think you can do it yourself because you likely can't. Professionals will have to come in and start breaking it apart section by section. In case you're wondering, the video was taken in southern Louisiana. Just the thought of southern yellowjackets taking over one's car (or house!) will freak you out for a moment or so. Even watching this video gave us the chills.

Can this Chevy Malibu, which we figure to be around a 2001 model, be saved? Probably, but we'd always be nervous that suddenly a yellowjacket (or a thousand) will come swarming out of the air conditioning events right into our faces. Drive at your own risk.

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