Thought Self-Driving Uber Cars Would Kill Auto Ownership? Maybe Not


Automakers shouldn't plan to axe great cars because we still want them.

If the news that comes out lately about ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft is to be believed, then the future of the car sounds pretty gloomy. Once the ability to order up a ride on a smartphone came to life, futurists speculated that the end of car ownership would be around the corner, especially if self-driving cars came out to take over for the current fleet of rideshare drivers. However we can all stop worrying because this may just not be true according to a new study done by Kelly Blue Book.

According to the study, passengers like using rideshare services more than cabs and rental cars, so in that area of business, Uber is killing it. Other then that, people who were surveyed for the study said that they like having their own cars and wouldn't give them up for subscriptions to ride services. They cited convenience, reliability, safety, and even a sense of pride and success as the reasons that owning a car is more appealing then just taking Lyft everywhere. If more studies like this find the evidence to be conclusive, then automakers might shift away from trying to gear up for the car sale-pocalypse that was predicted to be coming and instead focus on making awesome cars.

Fabian Kirchbauer, BMW
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