Thought The Model 3 Was Going To Be The Cheapest Tesla? Think Again


Musk's three-step world takeover plan actually has four steps.

The walking rumor mill that is Elon Musk has struck again, and this time with some very important news for those who want a Model 3 but need something a little more "entry level" than the $35,000 EV. Speaking at a transportation conference in Norway, Musk hinted that there may be another cheap Tesla emerging to steal pre-orders and deposits, but it won't be a sister to the Model 3, like the proposed Model Y. Instead, this car would slot even lower than the Model 3 and make it so that no one has an excuse to stay away from EVs.


Early on in Tesla's inception, Musk outlined a three-step plan for the company. It would start by debuting an expensive, low-volume EV. Next, a cheaper and higher-volume car would come out, although this vehicle would still be out of reach to the majority. The third step was the Model 3, a cheap high-volume car that, in Musk's own words, should be accessible to at least half of the population. However, this may not be the last we'll see of a cheap Tesla. At the transportation conference Musk told attendees that a fourth phase would involve a cheaper car that everyone would be able to buy. The Model 3 competes with entry-level luxury sedans like BMW and Lexus, but it seems like the American company may swim further downstream.

Tesla's CEO told the conference that a new car would be much more affordable, which means that it could compete with offerings like the Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla. To pull this off the Model 3 will have to hit the streets relatively problem free. With 400,000 pre-orders for the car already in place, it's obvious that the demand is there. Now the hard part rests on Tesla, which has to find a way to meet the demand with a quality product in due time. Recent reports suggests that quality is an issue for Tesla, and we all know that tardiness is a Musk signature, so those with aspirations for a silent commute in a bargain basement Tesla should cross their fingers and hope real hard.

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