Thousand-Horsepower Mustangs Roar in Holland

Four awesome Mustangs gather in Holland.

If you're a fan of ridiculously powerful pony cars, this is your lucky day. Because four such Mustangs were just caught on video in the Netherlands. Jorrie2, who filmed the cars, reports that the red and white Mustang Shelby GT500 boasts about 1,200 hp. The second is a black and red Shelby GT500 Super Snake with 1,000 hp. The third is a black Shelby GT and the fourth is a white and blue Shelby KR.

We don't know exactly how powerful the latter two are, but Jorrie2 says each packs over 1,000 hp. KR stands for King of the Road, a rare Mustang with only 1,000 units made. As good as they sound in the video, we're told the "sounds were 10x louder in real [life]." See for yoursef in the video below.

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