Thousands Of Cars Damaged By Hurricane Ian Are Up For Auction At Bargain Prices

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Fancy a Rolls-Royce Dawn for around $10,000? Now is your chance.

What if we told you that you could buy a 2021 Ferrari Roma for $17,200, a 2020 Rolls-Royce Dawn for $10,200, or a 2022 Porsche 911 Turbo for $7,300? Believe it or not, those are all the current bids for these exotics on Copart. The low prices are due to the fact that these are all flood-damaged cars in Florida, having borne the brunt of Hurricane Ian.

Some have salvage titles and some are listed as non-repairable, but all are far removed from their original condition. If you thought the three aforementioned exotics are alone, think again: Copart currently has over 5,000 vehicles damaged by Hurricane Ian up for auction, a number that continues to rise by the hour.

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We've covered several hard-to-watch car losses caused by the Category 4 hurricane, including a single owner who lost both a brand-new McLaren P1 and a Rolls-Royce Ghost. Perusing Copart's listing for wrecked exotics is enough to make even the most hardened gearhead tear up.

There's a Bentley Bentayga that initially looks good, but upon closer inspection, one can see the large marks covering the otherwise lovely cream upholstery, numerous scratches on the body, and pieces of missing tailgate trim. It's a sorry state of affairs for an SUV with a retail value of over $310,000. That said, some of these cars have fairly decent bids, considering the damage they sustained.

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A 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider that was apparently "flood reconditioned" was attracting bids north of $100,000. While that's some way off ithe $390,306 retail value, it's still something. The listing indicates that this 488 "was recovered from a storm event" and underwent special treatments to prevent odors and mold and to extract water. It's one of four flood-damaged cars in Florida we found that attracted bids of over $50,000, the others being a 488 GTB, Rolls-Royce Dawn, and Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

At least these buyers know what they're getting into, as many flood-damaged cars reach the market and are deviously sold to unsuspecting buyers. If you're shopping for a used car in Florida, watch out for moisture beads in the exterior/interior lights, any foul odors, or loose carpeting in the cabin.

If we've learned anything in 2022, it's that high-priced cars and water are a tragic combination.

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