Thousands Of Ford Rangers And Humvees Left Behind In Afghanistan

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And it seems not all of them were demilitarized.

Following the recent withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan, it has come to light that US weaponry worth millions has been seized by the Taliban, although the exact figure depends on who you're talking to. According to The Washington Post, $83 billion was spent on the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) but this amount covers two decades and all costs relating to sustaining the Afghan military and police. What stood out most is that the equipment left behind apparently includes tens of thousands of military vehicles used by US troops. The list is made up of 43,000 Ford Ranger pickups, 22,000 Humvees, and another 900 mine-resistant vehicles called MRAPs.

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Although not all of these vehicles are certain to be in existence or operational, numerous images have done the rounds on social media of Taliban forces parading atop American-made armored vehicles, many of which looked to be in perfect condition. However, not all of these vehicles will necessarily be usable by Taliban forces. General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. is the head of US Central Command and confirmed that 70 MRAPs, 27 Humvees, and 73 aircraft were demilitarized so that they could not be used again. "Those aircraft will never fly again," he said. "They'll never be able to be operated by anyone."
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McKenzie's assurance that some of these vehicles and aircraft were rendered useless is good news, but 27 demilitarized Humvees from a total of 22,000 is a very tiny percentage. It's safe to assume that many of these vehicles will remain operable. With double the amount of military-spec Rangers sent to Afghanistan, there are probably even more of these pickups left there. The value of these assets is difficult to accurately determine, but all equipment is assumed to be around $24 million, including these military vehicles, although the total value of equipment in the Taliban's control is assumed to be less than this. Between 2005 and 2016, 29 percent of all funds spent on the Afghan security forces were for equipment and transportation.

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Source Credits: The Washington Post

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