Thousands Of Toyota Tundras Recalled For Defective Rear Axle

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The problem affects the latest generation of Toyota's pickup.

Toyota pickups are supposed to be near bulletproof, but as it turns out, even the most hardy of Japanese machines get it wrong every now and then. The Tundra, Toyota's answer to the dominant Ford F-150, is now in its third generation, with the all-new truck making its debut back in September of 2021. Now that the new one is here, people are snatching them up by the boat load, but be warned - Toyota has just issued a rather serious recall that affects certain 2022 model year vehicles, and the company is recalling close to 46,000 units.

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The last time we reported on a major Tundra recall was in September of 2021 when it was reported that certain second-generation vehicles could catch on fire due to faulty halogen headlights, and now the serious issues continue with the third-generation truck. Toyota North America says that some 2022 models could have nuts on the rear axle assembly that loosen over time. This could result in an axle shaft sub-assembly separating from the axle. "If complete separation occurs, this can affect vehicle stability and brake performance, increasing the risk of a crash," Toyota states on its website.

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The recall will require 2022 Tundra and Tundra Hybrid owners to take their trucks to local dealerships, where the axle flange nuts will be inspected and tightened if necessary. In extreme cases, Toyota has said that it will replace axle-related components. This will all be done at no cost to the owner, of course.

Toyota has not provided any information regarding exact build dates, but in the same breath, has not reported any crashes or injuries related to this issue. Owners of potentially affected cars will be informed by late July 2022. This news must come as a heavy blow, as Toyota just recalled its first electric car, the bZ4X, for a similar issue. Hopefully, the latest Tundra recall doesn't lead to any accidents.

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