Thrashing a McLaren F1 GTR Puts Lead in Your Pencil

Watch Jamie Bell complete a hot lap in one of the finest supercar-turned-racecars of the last twenty years.

Only a handful of people have gotten to drive a McLaren F1 GTR. Justin Bell is one of the lucky few. Having placed 3rd in one at the 1995 Le Mans, the British racer-turned-host has fond memories of the spectacular race car. And from this video of him thrashing it around Mid-Ohio we can see why. Fitted with GoPro mounted cameras galore, the all-action lap includes the glorious sound of the BMW-built S70 V12 redlining in 5th gear, Bell’s heel-toe action, and the POV of the awesome track the 600-hp F1 GTR devours with aplomb.

As Bell says: “It can still put lead in your pencil, two decades later. Bloody hell."

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