Three Ferraris Crash Into Each Other In Million-Dollar Fail

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A Ferrari 488, Pista, and 458 got caught up in the carnage.

Every year, CF Charities hosts the annual Supercar Show, an event that sees hundreds of supercars cruise the streets of Philadelphia, culminating in a car show that raises money for the organization's health and educational programs for children.

Even though the supercar convoy gets a police escort and roads are closed for safety, this year's supercar event ended in total carnage when three Ferraris driving to the car show crashed into each other. According to a post on the Ferrari Chat forum, police closed a busy stretch of highway for the charity drive, allowing a group of Ferrari owners to have some fun.

Bruno Ramos/YouTube
Bruno Ramos/YouTube

Allegedly, the police actively encourage drivers to put their foot down during the supercar charity drive so the highway can be reopened as soon as possible. Unfortunately, one of the Ferrari drivers got carried away and spoiled the event for everyone.

Video footage filmed from a McLaren 600LT shows a black Ferrari 488 GTB speeding past a group of other supercars. It's believed they were driving around 150 mph, which is far too fast on an unprepared road surface. There is slow-moving commuter traffic up ahead, but they were driving too fast to react in time.

Bruno Ramos/YouTube
Bruno Ramos/YouTube

Taking evasive action, the driver of the Ferrari 488 swerves to avoid the car in front but ends up slamming into the side of a 488 Pista on the right. This causes a chain reaction domino effect as the 488 then hits a 458 on the other side before slamming into the Pista again and pinning it against a wall before coming to a stop below an overpass.

Luckily, no commuter cars were caught up in the carnage and nobody was injured in the crash so it could have been a lot worse, but the black 488 looks like a total wreck. If not, it won't be cheap to repair considering it costs over $200,000. It's always distressing seeing supercars get reduced to scrap metal, especially as this event was supporting a good cause. Time will tell if next year's event will be more restricted as a result of the crash.

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Source Credits: Ferrari Chat

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