Tiger Woods Is In A Bad Way, But His Mercedes S65 AMG Is Even Worse

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Here's hoping they both make a full and swift recovery.

Driving while under the influence is always a bad idea. But when you're someone as high profile as Tiger Woods the results can be excruciatingly embarrassing as the golfing legend must have discovered on Memorial Day morning when he saw his face plastered across the media. By now, you've likely seen the mug shot of a clearly out of if Tiger. An "unexpected reaction" to prescription meds for a perennial back problem that has plagued the athlete for years now was the reason given for his state of mind.

Given he blew a 0.00 breathalyzer test, we know that alcohol was not involved, but pill popping can have equally adverse effects on one's cognitive abilities. As you can see in this footage of Tiger's DUI arrest.

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Thankfully, Woods had the presence of mind to pull over before something serious happened, but the Mercedes S65 AMG he was found in by the Jupiter Police Department in Florida at 3am wasn't in the best of shape. Flat tires, bruised and batter wheels with a loose fender liner on the wheel well, torn sidewalls, and a dislodged front facsia, all point towards Woods clipping the curb while travelling at speed. Something that's more than easy to do in a car that weighs 4,800 pounds and has a 621-hp twin-turbo V12 under the hood. Here's hoping that both Woods and his lovely ride make a full recovery.

Jupiter Police Department

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