Tim Allen's Impala Stolen by His "Son"

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A strange case involving a guy claiming to be Tim Allen's adopted son stole the comedian's customized Chevy Impala SS over Thanksgiving.

This is one of the strangest cases involving a stolen vehicle we've heard in a while. By chance, the car's owner happens to be comedian Tim Allen, star of the old TV series "Home Improvement" and the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the "Toy Story" trilogy. He also happens to be a big-time car guy, with a number of fine vehicles in his collection...o ne of which is his cherished 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS. And it was recently stolen by his "son" on Thanksgiving.

Here's the lowdown: 32-year-old Faustino Ibarra took the car from Allen's Los Angeles garage and drove it to Denver, Colorado. Upon arrival, Ibarra's own family members turned him into police. But the story gets strange when a local reporter interviewed Ibarra from jail where the latter claimed that Allen had adopted him as his son several years ago and gave him permission to take the Impala. "I didn't break into the garage, he let me into the garage, he opened the door for me," Ibarra claimed in the interview. He added that "I emailed my dad the morning I got the car and everything is fine... and we need to talk about me coming to live with you."

As of now, Ibarra will be extradited to California to face charges for auto theft as well as stalking. Allen declined to comment, claiming this is a police matter. The comedian knows a thing or two about criminal proceedings - he was, incidentally, arrested for drug trafficking in 1978 and subsequently served time behind bars. No word whether the customized Impala, powered by a 32-valve Corvette ZR1 engine with 446 horsepower, was damaged.

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