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Time Is Running Out To Buy A C7 Chevrolet Corvette

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Want to own one of the last C7 Corvettes? You better act fast.

The countdown has officially begun for the highly anticipated C8 Corvette, as Chevrolet's upcoming mid-engine supercar will break cover in just over a month on July 18. Consequently, this means that time is running out to order the current C7 Corvette. There has been speculation about when Chevrolet plans to stop selling C7 Corvettes, but according to CorvetteBlogger the last day to order one is June 23.

However, there is no guarantee that General Motors will have any allocations left on the final day. If you want to own one of the last C7 Corvettes ever built, you'll need to put a deposit down by June 17. These dates only apply to custom orders, however, as dealers still have plenty of pre-built 2019 C7 Corvettes in stock.

CorvetteBlogger also reports the last order cycle for the ZR1 closed at the end of last month, which means you can no longer place a custom order for the 755-hp supercar. If you are lucky, you may still be able to find a few built cars from orders that fell through, but otherwise, it looks like ZR1 production is about to end. June 6 also marked the start of the last order cycle for the Corvette C7 Convertible, with a confirmation required to be received by GM no later than June 10. It hasn't yet been confirmed when production of the C7 Corvette will officially end, but we should find out in the next few weeks.

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Chevrolet will also be discontinuing the current generation Corvette in Europe soon. Along with the Camaro SS, the C7 will remain on sale in the United Kingdom and Germany until August 31 due to stricter emissions regulations starting in September. It remains to be seen whether the C8 Corvette will go on sale in Europe.