Time's Up for the RWD Aussie Falcon

The Australia-only RWD Ford Falcon's shrinking sales numbers means its time is up, soon to be replaced by a more conventional FWD/AWD sedan.

Contrary to some recent reports, it appears that Australia's Ford Falcon will retain its current rear-wheel-drive platform through the 2014 model year. As Ford continues to roll out its "One Ford" global marketing strategy, Falcon fans have become increasingly concerned that Ford would soon be ditching its platform entirely in favor of that of the Taurus, which is available in both a front- and all-wheel drive set-up. Especially as previous reports confirmed that local production of Australian Ford models would come to an end by 2016.

This is when the RWD drive Falcon will probably be discontinued outright. Its platform dates back to 1998 when Ford's business model still allowed for various markets to design and build their own platforms that appealed to local tastes. However, Australians are now buying smaller and more fuel efficient cars and a heavy and outdated platform such as the Falcon's appeals only to a shrinking group of fans. Just 1,000 units per month are currently being sold. The 2014 Falcon will, however, be the subject of a facelift adopting the brand's latest design language with its styling likely to resemble the Fusion. Engine options should remain, so a 2.0-liter EcoBoost as standard with optional 4.0-liter straight-six and V8 units.

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