Time To Find Out Once And For All If The Nissan Leaf Can Drift

Here goes nothing!

Have you ever wondered whether a Nissan Leaf can drift? We haven't either. And we would bet that no one who has ever bought a Leaf did so out of a desire to drift it. This hasn't stopped Autocar's Matt Prior from taking the Leaf to a race track to see if he can get it sideways. Yes, we are indeed talking about the 101-horsepower FWD electric car from Nissan. You may be wondering how anyone could possibly get such a low-horsepower FWD car to drift at all. Well, Autocar had a nice trick to help this Leaf break the rear wheels loose.

Most of us are familiar with tray sliding. This is when you engage the hand brake with plastic trays underneath your wheels, allowing a FWD car to drift. With this trick in mind, Autocar fitted a pair of plastic tires to the back of the Leaf. While this may be a bit of a cheat, the results are quite spectacular.

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