Time to Prank Some Rich People by "Denting" Their Cars

It's just for fun, after all.

Regardless of your car’s value, it always sucks when a stranger dents it while parked. Something like that will just ruins your day. But when your car happens to be a supercar, or any other luxury car, the pain is that much greater. Yeah, some people just feel it’s necessary to be even more reckless around expensive cars simply because, well, they’re expensive. And when their owners see the damage, even if it’s a small dent, they’re liable to (justifiably) freak out.

So why not have a bit of fun and pull a prank on some of these owners? Just make them believe there’s a small dent somewhere on the car while making them look stupid in the process. Hey, it’s all just for fun, and plenty of good laughs for us.

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