Time To Say Goodbye To The (Current) Audi R8

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Don't cry because it's over; smile because its successor is just around the corner.

Its debut back in 2006 changed the definition of a supercar forever, one could argue. Was the Audi R8 the most powerful or fastest mid-engined supercar ever? No, not quite, but it was plenty fast for just about everyone. Jacky Ickx described it then as "the best handling road car today." Over the past 8 years or so, more than 54,000 examples have been built. And an all-new R8 will soon arrive, boasting more power, a lower curb weight, and even better handling. But we'll miss the first generation R8. Why was it so relevant?


It proved that a supercar could also be a daily driver without spoiling any of the fun expected from a car of this caliber. One of the reasons why the Ferrari 458 Italia is such a fantastic thing to drive just about everywhere is because of the R8. Audi got just about everything right here, and it's without question the R8 was ahead of its time and a game changer. Its successor will be unveiled at Geneva in March, but until then, the current R8 deserves our full respect. We've put together a brief photo gallery of the R8. It's entitled to a proper send off.

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