Tiny Dog Provokes A Large Sinkhole To Swallow An SUV

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It's as if all of Mother Nature conspired to kill this SUV.

No matter how much our neurotic minds seek order, this is a universe that's ruled by chaos, and that's a pretty scary thing for gearheads. You park away from trees that litter sticky leaves on your clear coat, you pay extra for that special car insurance policy that covers the dummies who ding your doors in the Safeway parking lot, and then something like this happens. The forces of nature conspire to jolt you back to reality by trashing your pride and joy.

There's no context to this video aside from the fact it's a sinkhole casually doing what sinkholes like to do best. Unlike one that took place in Italy last year and gobbled up a parking lot full of cars, this one is much smaller in scale, consuming one standard-size SUV in small bites. The worried crowd gathered around the vehicles seems to know that it's not too smart to stand close.

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Given that sinkholes can widen quickly and violently without warning, spurred by settling soil and in this case, the weight of the SUV, it's not far-fetched to imagine someone falling in if they provoke it too much. Perhaps it's just unlucky timing, but this dog passing by in the streets didn't seem to get the memo to stay away. It walks too close to the site of the opening, sniffing the car out of curiosity and prompting what sounds like a warning to get away from someone behind the camera, when suddenly the hole widens and the SUV gets closer to the depths of hell. Thankfully it doesn't look like anyone was trapped inside, meaning that no humans or canines were harmed in the process of making this film.

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