Tiny Electric Car Is A Pint-Sized Chevrolet Bolt Rival With Lamborghini Doors

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What's not to love?

Here in the USA, our idea of a small, affordable, city-bound EV is the Chevrolet Bolt.

At its narrowest, City Transformer's CT-1 is 39.3 inches long. It's much smaller than France's other incoming city EV, the Renault 5. By any comparison, this adorable little French car is a genuinely tiny city car.

It can transform its wheelbase, growing to 55.1 inches wide in "Performance Mode." And that's just the start of this little car's French eccentricities, and while it'll never come to the US, nor will it be useable here, we thought it was worth talking about.

City Transformer (CT) says that the car's wheelbase can also change in real-time on the road, so there's no stopping to wait for your ride to Optimus Prime into something with a little more stance.

City Transformer

The underpinnings are based on CT's own in-house skateboard architecture. All told, the two-person EV weighs just 1,300 pounds, battery and all. Obviously, a pair of adult men could push that weight to nearly 2,000 lbs.

As for range, it's not very American. The car is meant for city-dwelling Parisians, not the open expanses of Nebraska. CT says it can do 111 miles of real-world driving. The CT1's top speed in "City Mode" (the narrow one) is just 28 mph. The world's first hyperscooter is nearly as fast.

In Performance Mode, the top speed rises to 55 mph, which is probably a bit scary in such a small car.

City Transform envisages this as a replacement for a scooter or bike. It says that the enclosed car, which will fit two occupants sitting one behind the other, is much safer in an accident. Of course, storage is better than on a bike as well, with 17 cubic feet of interior space.

City Transformer

Charging shouldn't be an issue, as the car's battery can go from 0-80% in 30 minutes. The EV motor produces 20 or so horsepower. The result of all that muscle is a 0-31 mph time of 5 seconds. Still, it should handle well, with a perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

There isn't much going on inside, but this is basic French transport. The CT-1 was built to be simple, economical, and ecologically sound. City Transformer claims the lack of parts helps hit all those targets, with just 1,5000 parts needed to build one car, down from an average of 25,000 (ICE) and 8,000 (EV) parts.

There's no word on pricing yet, but City Transformer has said that the CT-1 will enter production in 2024.

City Transformer

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