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Think the Tata Nano was not only tiny but also boring? Check out what some have to spice things up.

The Baja RE60 may take the title of world's cheapest car from the Nano, but we'll always have the memories. It may not be that much of a stretch to say that the Tata Nano put the Indian automotive industry on the map. The Nano was a financial failure, but it did draw increased exposure to the Indian automobile industry. While the Nano was small, slow and caught fire semi-regularly, there were some things to get excited about. Those things were not found in all Nanos, but they can be found here.

Mumbai-based DC Designs somehow managed to pull off a miracle when it customized a Nano and gave it a price tag of $220,000. DC Designs was able to inflate the price of Tata's mini-car by stripping it of nearly all of its parts and adding a new engine to that pushes the little giant to an eye-popping 124 mph. The aggressive body kit is the icing on the cake.

The Nano was purposefully designed to be cheap ($2,100) in the hopes that all Indians could afford to buy one. The Nano Goldplus is in no way cheap, costing around $4.6 million. The jewels and precious metals were supplied and mounted by Goldplus and consist of 176lbs of 22 carat gold, 33lbs of silver along with a ton of rubies, diamonds and other precious stones. Affordable: no. Pretty to look at: yes.

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When Nicki Minaj spoke of super bass she must have been talking about the modified Tata Nano from Clarion. Clarion gave the Nano a dragon-inspired wrap and turned its hatch into a bangin' sound system. Super bass indeed.

If anything can save the Nano it would be the introduction of an electric version. Tata did just that when they showed the all-electric Nano at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The Nano EV has a range of around 100 miles and can do 0 to 37 in a blazing 10 seconds.

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