TJ Hunt Reveals Custom Nissan Z Body Kit At SEMA 2022

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This thing looks nasty.

TJ Hunt is renowned in the tuning scene for building widely awesome cars and where better to showcase your skills than at SEMA. This year, TJ Hunt and StreetHunter returned to Las Vegas with a Nissan of epic proportions in the form of a highly customized Nissan Z.

Nissan has made its presence felt at this year's SEMA show, introducing a number of hot models, including the new Nissan Z GT4 race car. Nismo has also released new parts for the Z car, but none come close to the outlandishness that is Hunt's Nissan Z.

TJ Hunt/Facebook TJ Hunt/Facebook TJ Hunt/Facebook

The Nissan Z has proven to be a highly popular sports car, and people have quickly taken to modifying them. TJ Hunt owned one of the first Z prototypes and was the first to bag a custom Magnaflow xMOD exhaust for his Z. Now he has become the first to showcase a fully custom body kit for the Nissan Z.

This custom StreetHunter body kit transforms the way the Z looks thanks to a complete front fender replacement, massive front lip and swooping side sills; the rear also features gaping quarter panels and a classic ducktail spoiler. This thing looks super aggressive without being too shouty. The entire car is wrapped in a Laguna Blue wrap designed explicitly for SEMA complemented with a set of white five-spoke allows that sit at a ridiculous camber, basically rendering the car useless for anything but parking off and looking cool.

TJ Hunt/Facebook TJ Hunt/Facebook TJ Hunt/Facebook

As for the interior, there's not much info on what modifications have taken place, and it doesn't sound like the engine has received much in the way of tuning. Under the hood sits a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 engine producing 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. TJ Hunt took to Instagram to voice his pleasure: "the response of the StreetHunter Designs Z has been overwhelming. I can officially say I finally think this car doesn't look wack anymore! I'm super stoked to finally share this project with you guys."

TJ Hunt/Facebook TJ Hunt/Facebook

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